Why we do what we do

Horses are our passion. Everybody who works with those georgeous animals says so. But Equestrian Artists United Agency does not only focus on one breed, but on all of them. We love the wide variety, that all the breeds bring with them and also the challenge to always have to cope with new tasks and beeing creative. Most of all we are fascinated by the special bond between horse and rider, that is only found in showriding. There is such a unique freindship betwenn those two living beeings, wich enables us to let even the crazyest ideas and deep emotions become visible. To create new worlds and pictures and to portray our cultural heritage, the horse, in the right image is what keeps us going. We like to inspire not just a professional audience by presenting the best quality in horsemanship but also people who don´t even know yet that they want to become horseaddicts.

A wide audience is the best thing that can happen to equestrian sports

Equestrian Artists United is here to keep it smooth and professional for the horses. We advise and support a lot of artists and guaratee a smooth process during your event. We offer save bookings of artists and professional consultation in the run-up of your event in order to let the riders and artists concentrate on what is most important for every show: the horses.